Gone Girl ~ Gillian Flynn

Yes, I know ! Way behind everybody else, long after two of my daughters have read the book, watched the film, and both have exclaimed "Ugh! " I finally got around to reading this.
 I offer no defence. I am stubborn. I refuse to read with the pack.  I think this stems from my childhood of having to read "Janet and John"  along with the rest of the class, when I was longing to get home to pick up "Breakfast At Tiffanys".  I longed to grow up to become Holly Golightly, and well remember my father muttering "Please don't" and trying to persuade me away from Capote, and onto Lewis Carroll.  He succeeded, and I didn't.  I really couldn't be less like Holly.  But I am still stubborn; so I begged my friends not to give away the plot  and  to give me time. They did (Thank you).   Gone Girl - Well written - BUT.
  The trouble is, you know who the rotter is fairly early on; and anyone who has ever observed parenting closely, could tell you very quickly that something is going to go very badly wrong  in these lives.  And then right on cue,  it does.
And yes, I loathed the ending. (It seems that everybody loathes the ending ....is Flynn planning a sequel? If not...cruel, Gillian Flynn;  cruel. ). Worth reading, but not nearly as satisfying as "The Girl on the Train".  

It seems I am all about betrayal at the moment ...as I am  listening to "You Are One Of Them"  courtesy of my library card. (Library cards are the hidden gifts of the 21st century, really! ) Another book of betrayal .