April 9th. St Madrun (Wales and Cornwall)

April 9th is the feast day of St. Madrun, who cares for widows.  Also known as Materiana (Latin name), Modron, Madryn and Matrona;  Madrun was born circa 440;  and  was the granddaughter of Vortigern.  She was undoubtedly named after the  Welsh mother goddess Modron, and Romano-British mother goddess, Matrona . Madrun married Prince Ynyr, and  after her father's death, with Ynyr,  ruled the Kingdom of Gwent.  She was one of those present at her ageing grandfather Vortigern's last stand and was forced to flee his burning castle of Tre'r Ceiri.

As a widow, while on a pilgrimage to Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island), Madrun and her handmaid, St. Annun, stopped for the night at Trawsfynydd.  Here they both had an identical dream in which they were commanded to build a nunnery where they slept. They did as required and the church there is dedicated to them.

In later years,  Madrun settled in Kernow (Cornwall) where she set up a cell near Boscastle that was later called Minster (indicating that there had been a monastery there). It was here that St. Madrun died and was buried 

There are two churches dedicated to Madrun in Cornwall, in Minster, and at Tintagel.  

The Hymn to St Materiana is still in use at Tintagel 

Materiana, holy Mother, Over thy people still preside,

Over thy household, clothed in scarlet

Vesture of love and holy pride

Thy children rise and call thee blessed,

Gathered around thee at thy side."

The 'Hymn to St Materiana' is not an ancient hymn, but at once conjures the ancestral memory of the mother goddess Matrona or Modron

Rev R.S. Hawker wrote of the church dedicated to St Madrun in Minster, near Boscastle

The Minster of the trees! A lonely dell
Deep with grey oaks, and 'mid their quiet shade
Grey with moss of years, yon antique cell!
Sad are those walls: The cloister lowly laid
Where passing monks at solemn evening made
Their chanted orisons: and as the breeze
Came up the vale, by rock and tree delay'd,
They heard the awful voices of many seas
Blend with the passing hymn - thou Minster of the Trees

In Order : Tr'er Ceiri;  Churches dedicated to St. Madrun in Trawsfynedd, Wales;  Minster near Boscastle; and Tintagel, Cornwall.